So, Why Do You Want To Be Married?

I’m Single & So What?

Terry B. Scott


I’m pretty sure that one of the most dreaded questions someone can ask an unmarried person is, “So, why are you still single?”  To ask someone this is almost like saying, “So, what’s wrong with you?”  I can remember back in the “Myspace Days (Pre-Facebook lol),” how this was one of the ways that many would try to start off conversations.  To be honest, I’ve even used this question as a pickup line back in the day.  At the time, I thought it was a complement, like “hey girl, you’re too pretty to be single, why haven’t you been scooped up yet?”  Unfortunately, most of the women that I tried to approach with this line took offense to it, so I stopped (lol).

Truth be told, most people can’t really explain to you why they are “still single.”  I touch on this topic in my book, “Available But Not Ready.” …

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